Week 10 – Work on SMART started

Week 10 – Work on SMART started

Finally, one of the major tasks for the summer (Project migration) was completed and now we can start work with the SMART application.

Overview of SMART on FHIR : 

SMART on FHIR is a set of open specifications to integrate apps with Electronic Health Records, portals, Health Information Exchanges, and other Health IT systems.

The SMART application we’ll be creating will serve as a use-case for OpenMRS Community.

When an OpenMRS user launches the SMART app, we’ll get a “launch request” notification. Just ask for the permissions you need using OAuth scopes like patient/*.read and once you’re authorized you’ll have an access token with the permissions you need – including access to clinical data and context like:

  • which patient is in-context in the OpenMRS
  • which encounter is in-context in the OpeMRS
  • the physical location of the OpenMRS user
  • access to a patient data using FHIR module

The SMART will be a JavaScript application. The original plan was to make a REST based application, however there’s not much documentation available for implementing SMART using REST. The javaScript application that I’ll be making in the next ten days or so will be based entirely on the sample JavaScript by smart helthcare.

SMART is a tech stack for health apps. More information about this can be found here.

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