Week 12 – Controller Finished – SMART in final development

Week 12 – Controller Finished – SMART in final development

This week was very productive in terms of quality and quantity. Finally, the module is FINISHED !!

This week, I finished the Client Management REST Controller. Initially all testing was done against the authenticationManager used by the token services. So, I made a new authenticationManager one custom to server the needs of the REST Controller.

The controller supports the following endpoints :

  • GET /clientManagement?username=xyz&password=xyz
  •          This will return all the clients registered by the client developer xyz.
  • POST /clientManagement?username=xyz&password=xyz?name=abc….
  •          This will create a new client for the client developer xyz
  • DELETE /clientManagement?username=xyz&password=xyz?client_id=abc
  •          This will unregister the client with client_id abc
  • UPDATE /clientManagement?{details here}
  •          This will update the client details


Progress on SMART ?

All initial research was finished and discussed thoroughly with Mayank (my mentor, @maany) this week and all the authorization endpoints were completed in the module. The next step is to code the JavaScript based SMART on FHIR client which will run against the OAuth module, get a token and access FHIR resources. The JavaScript client is in development phase at the time of writing the blog and I am expected to finish it by Tuesday.

What next?

After the SMART on FHIR client is completed, I will be documenting all the work done in this summer and create a static github.io page explaining all the work and give useful statistics about my work.



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